In order to create the maximum effect for our clients, we provide a comprehensive program for them that may include some of the following services:

Purchasing Process

Initial consultation

Obtain historical usage from the market and conduct market research

Identification of purchasing objectives and expectations

Risk Assessment & Pricing Analysis

Provide Bids for Review

Supplier and product recommendations based on clients risk tolerances, current market trends and overall organizational goals.


We offer bill auditing services to ensure providers honor the terms of the agreement.

Audits can ensure the accuracy of your utility invoices through a robust auditing process.

If we discover a billing error, we immediately resolve the issue with the provider on your behalf.

Construction Power

We have the ability to assist our clients with innovative temporary power contracts with zero exposure to cancellation fees.

Our preferred temporary power suppliers offer pricing that is competitive with standard commercial rates and at a third of the cost of the markets' standard temporary power agreements.

Tax Study

Audit past utility bills for potential cost recovery.

We work to recover overcharges in taxes from the provider.

Our audit team is highly experienced and will work to recoup any over payments made within the past 4 years for any facilities in your company portfolio.

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